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Who Am I

Hello there, my name is Mel. I am a qualified Naturopath (BHSc), Mentor and Coach (Dip.) and Meditation Facilitator.

In more traditional forms of healing, there was a deep respect and relationship nature. There was wisdom that was passed on from generation to generation of how to work with nature to heal and restore harmony. Nature is extremely intelligent, and the way that it works to maintain harmony within its various ecosystems is wondrous and complex and still well beyond our current understanding. I find true joy and wonder from communing with the planet and her kingdoms. At the same time, I experience great sadness due to the way the planet is being treated by humanity. Humanity as a collective has become so disconnected from the planet, which we are completely dependent on. We are destroying the planet – our home, that also provides us with everything we need to sustain life here such as food, water, medicine, shelter, fresh air, as well as an abundance of beauty and wonder. How can we achieve and sustain health when our home and source of food and water is being destroyed? We cannot. Reconnecting with nature is essential. It is also a path to healing. Not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

In my practice, I support my clients in any way that I can in this process. It starts with simple and achievable steps. It’s a commitment, just like anything else, and for long term results it requires consistency and constancy. Clients choose how deep they would like to go with the process.

In my practice I follow the traditional Naturopathic principles which you can read about here.

Meditation Facilitation

I am a qualified Meditation Facilitator, which I completed through Refresh Yoga studio in 2020. I felt to do the Meditation Facilitator training to deepen my own practice and understanding, but also as something to provide for my clients. Meditation can be very therapeutic for many health concerns, and is also a great tool for personal and spiritual development. 

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