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 Group mentoring

The healing journey is an on-going process and is multi-layered. There are many things that present for us to overcome. I had pondered for quite a while on ways I could provide ongoing support and encouragement for clients. Therefore, I have decided to start Free Monthly online mentoring sessions for all pre-existing clients. It doesn’t matter how many appointments you have had, if you have had an Initial Naturopathic Consult then you are welcome and encouraged to join. Each month we will be covering a key foundation to health including:

Life force and vitality
Food and Nourishment
Sleep and Relaxation
Detox and Elimination Pathways
Hydration and Fluidity
Physical Activity
Healthy Inner Coach
Self-love and Self-esteem

RSVP is essential. Either by direct message or email. You can RSVP by replying to this email.