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In Person and Online Consultations available. Please email mel@meltetinaturopathy.net.au or text/call 0448 883 123 to book an appointment, or click HEREto book directly.

Initial Consultation - $130, 1 hour 15mins (In person or online available)

During an initial naturopathic consultation, we take an in-depth exploration into your overall health and wellbeing and discuss what your main health goals are. Personal health history, family history, current medications, supplements, diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors are explored as relevant. I will review any recent pathology tests if applicable. Some physical examination may be carried out such as blood pressure, nail analysis and/or iridology. We then work together to create an achievable treatment plan to assist you in your health goals. Treatment plans can include dietary and/or lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplementation, flower essences, and/or herbal medicines depending on the needs and abilities of each client.

Follow Up Consultation - $69, 45 minutes (In person or online available)

During a follow up consultation we see how you have been going since your initial consultation. Extra support or changes to the treatment plan will be made as necessary. Any new developments or health concerns can be explored during this time. 

Acute Consultation/script refill  - $35, 15 minutes (In person or online available)

Acute consultations are available for cases where an in-depth analysis is not needed. This includes things such as gastroenteritis, colds, flu, and hayfever. Any complex or multi-faceted cases will need to book in for an initial or follow up consultation. You can also book this if you are wanting a script refill. This can also be for existing clients for a simple follow-up to keep on track, new herbal, or slight adjustments to treatment plan.