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It's time to reconnect with the truth of what we are

One of the greatest sources of pain and suffering humanity experiences, is due to the illusion of separation. Separation with each other, with the planet – our Earth Mother, and with the other planetary kingdoms – mineral, plant, and animal. We’re disconnected from the truth of what we are. We struggle with self-love, self-worth, and a sense of belonging. We fight and oppose the intelligence of nature – the very essence of what we are. We harm the environment and each other, without realizing we are harming ourselves. We partake in self-destructive activities because we feel worthless, yet the truth is we are all intrinsically worthy as aspects of creation. All equally loved, nurtured, and cherished, by the planet and from higher levels of being.

An essential part of healing is to reconnect. Reconnect with nature, reconnect with the planet, reconnect with ourselves. We are more than just a human. We are a soul travelling through time and space, who has had many different human lives. One human is life, is just one day of the soul.

There is a lot of work to do. It’s not easy, and there is a lot of pain and agony we must face, but with that there is also true deep joy, healing, and transformation.   

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